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Our brilliant, free horse racing tips are available daily on our private Facebook group. We find that people are able to set up notifications and get on the tips as quickly as possible when using Facebook rather than a free horse racing tips website page.

Joining our free horse racing tipping group on Facebook is quick and easy. You’ll have to answer a couple of quick questions to make sure you’re not a robot and then you’ll be able to start receiving your free horse racing tips from us straight away.

So click on the button below and you’ll be able to join our amazing horse racing and football tips group.

Our top horse racing bookmakers

You’re getting the best free horse racing tips so why not use the best horse racing bookmakers?

With our top horse racing bookies you will get the best odds, the best value and the best horse racing offers. Our list of top horse racing bookmakers is based on our experience with using these bookies to place horse racing bets.

If you don’t already have an account with some of these bookmakers for your horse racing bets it would be a good idea to take advantage of their current sign up offers. You’ll notice that plenty of our free horse racing tips are tipped with these bookies because they are offering the best horse racing odds more often than anyone else.

How can I get free horse racing tips?

The free horse racing tips from Bookie Basher Tips can be gained through our private Facebook group. You can join that free horse racing tipping group by clicking here.

By making the free horse racing tips available through Facebook we believe we are making it as easy as possible to never miss out on any of our free tips. Facebook allows you to set up notifications and you can be alerted by email each time we post a new winning horse racing tip.

If you don’t have a Facebook account it’s really quick and easy to grab one and then you’ll have access to a world of great horse racing tips through our page. If you want to gain access to our our free racing tips but don’t have a Facebook account and don’t want one you can contact us here and we’ll tell you other ways to grab our top horse racing tips.

Where is the best place for free horse racing tips?

The best place for free horse racing tips is open to debate and will often depend on what type of bets you like to place. For example someone who only likes to bet on short priced favourites probably won’t like our free racing tips Facebook page as we tend to look for winning horse racing bets at big odds.

There are a few good sites for the best free horse racing tips but we strongly believe that you can make more money from winning horse racing bets by following our tips than any other horse racing tipsters. We aim to recommend horse racing bets at big odds so that you don’t have to risk or stake too much money in order to win big. We’ve even been known to give out winning horse racing tips that pay over 100/1 and those always keep our followers very happy.

What makes our free racing tips even more special is the fact that we have access to tips from professional horse racing tipsters. They don’t give us all their horse racing tips (for obvious reasons) but they cherry pick some top horse racing bets for us and allow us to pass them on to you for free. 
So if you are looking for the best free horse racing tips then make sure you check out the Bookie Basher Tips Facebook page for regular big winners.

How to get the best horse racing tips for today

After the best horse racing tips for today? Make your way over to our private Facebook group and you’ll be able to gain access to top daily horse racing tips right away.

Depending on the time of year there could be many horse racing tips for today or perhaps just a few. During early parts of the flat and national hunt seasons it can often pay to let the form develop a little. There is always a little more risk when backing a horse to win first time out.

During the peak parts of the season we should be able to provide today’s best horse racing tips at great prices. The summer months when the flat season is in full flow is our preferred time of year for horse racing tipping and this is generally when we can provide the most profitable horse racing tips.

Our top horse racing tips for today will be added during the early parts of the morning giving followers plenty of opportunities to get on at the best odds before racing begins. Generally the odds will get shorter on most of our selections as the race draws closer.

Do you offer free horse racing tips for tomorrow?

Horse racing odds are normally made available for tomorrow’s horse racing at around 5pm but not all the bookies get involved until the morning of the race. When one of our tipsters believes that the bookies have made a big mistake with their overnight odds for horse racing tomorrow we will add the horse racing tips for tomorrow to our Facebook page much earlier than usual, often around 6pm.

In the past we have given horse racing tips for tomorrow at around 6pm the day before racing at odds as big as 33/1 and seen those odds fall as low as 6/1 before the bet comes in. There can be a lot of value in betting on horse racing early and we will always look to make sure you can get on our horse racing betting tips at the best prices possible. This means we will tailor when we make our tips to suit you. The main goal is always to beat the bookies with the best horse racing tips possible, whether it be tips for horse racing today or tomorrow.

Do your free horse racing tips include Lucky 15 tips for today?

A lucky 15 bet is often one of the more fun bets that can be placed on horse racing. You get a return even if just one runner wins (at double the odds) and if you get 3 or 4 winners you can begin to make some serious money from our tips.

Will there be lucky 15 tips for today on a regular basis? Probably not. It is important to only put the right kind of selections into this bet. If you have 4 short priced fancies it can make little sense to include singles and doubles in your bet as you might still need 3 of the selections to win in order to make a profit from the bet. If you have 4 horses that all seem to offer similar kind of value at decent odds then a lucky 15 tip for today makes a lot more sense and you could find yourself making a profit even if there is only one winning tip in the lucky 15.

These lucky 15 bets are more likely to be tipped on days where there is plenty of good class racing such as a Friday or Saturday. Alternatively there could be luck 15 bets at major festivals of racing such as the Cheltenham Festival, the Aintree Grand National meeting, Royal Ascot and other big events such as those.

As with all betting, good lucky 15 bets are all about value and our horse racing tips for today will always focus on the value bets, be them singles, multiples or any other kind of bet.

Do your free horse racing tips offer a daily nap?

Every day there are tips there will be a horse racing daily nap. These naps are simply the best bet of the day. If there is only one horse racing tip for today then that will be the daily nap bet by default. If there are multiple tips then the daily horse racing naps will be the tips with the highest confidence and value rating.

Some followers prefer just to follow our daily nap. This can be a good strategy when you want to concentrate on just having one bet a day. 
Our preferred strategy would be to follow all of our horse racing bets. On some days our most confident horse racing naps can be beaten but our other horse racing tips for the day may end up generating a really strong profit for us.

Followed over longer periods of time our daily naps should always produce a good profit but they are still just a fraction of the horse racing bets we are selecting which is why it’s best to follow our daily nap and all other tips that we give out.

Do you have access to professional horse racing tips?

We are partnered with several tipsters who offer professional horse racing tips. In exchange for occasional promotion of their professional horse racing tipster services we are given some of their professional racing tips for free.

These professional horse racing tips are not necessarily their best horse racing tips for the day or their worst. A lot of the time they are the tips most likely to give their running and run to form so that followers have the best chance of getting a run for their money with those tips.

Our own Bookie Basher Tips team of horse racing tipsters are also excellent but they are committed to providing horse racing tips for free with no intention of ever charging a fee or making these professional horse racing tips.

Are these the best Facebook horse racing tips?

There are an awful lot of free Facebook horse racing tips and tipsters and to be honest many of them are terrible. They don’t have a good understanding of horse racing and certainly don’t understand value betting on horses. What they tend to do is tip a lot of short priced favourites and by default will tip a fair amount of winners but in the long run the tips will be very unprofitable.

We believe that we have the best free horse racing tips on Facebook and can make great profits for followers. All of our horse racing tips on Facebook are very well researched and only recommended if the odds underestimate the chances of the horse winning.

We want to ensure as many people as possible can back our free Facebook horse racing tips and you can help achieve that by sharing our Facebook pages with your friends and encouraging them to follow our free tips. The more followers who are backing the tips – the more we can bash those bookies!

What time do you post your free horse racing tips on Facebook?

Most of our free horse racing tips on Facebook will be posted the morning of the race, between 9am and 10am. This is the time that the majority of people place their horse racing bets.

Many horse racing bookmakers first price races up the evening before the day of race and on occasions it can be obvious that the overnight price is not going to last until the morning. On these occasions we will try to post the horse racing bets on Facebook at the earliest opportunity to allow our followers to get the best odds on horse racing tips from us.

Betting on these overnight horse racing odds does come with some risks attached though. First of all many bookmakers only pay best odds guaranteed from 10am the morning of the race. Best odds guaranteed is one of the best concessions on horse racing I punter can get so forfeiting best odds guaranteed should be avoided where possible.

It’s also a fairly well known fact that taking top price on these overnight markets will also lead to restrictions and account closures in the long run. We want you to bash the bookies but we don’t want you to lose your ability to get your horse racing bets on so it’s only when we think there is a really crazy price on our horse racing tips that we will recommend early bets. 

What are today’s tips for horse racing?

Today’s tips for horse racing can be found from the morning of the race on our Facebook betting tips group. We can’t guarantee there will be horse racing winning tips every single day but over the long term followers should be able to make healthy profits following our tips on horse racing. Today’s tips for horse racing won’t necessarily make you a profit but over the week, month or year you should be able to profit from these horse racing predictions and selections.

We recommend you try to follow our tips for horse racing every single day if possible, not just for today. This will ensure you don’t miss out on some huge winning bets that we could post in the near future.

Where can I find profitable horse racing predictions?

There are many sites that claim they can offer you profitable horse racing predictions. There are many punters who will just blindly follow Templegates horse racing tips from the Sun newspaper but newspaper tipsters have to tip on every single horse race so their horse racing predictions are unlikely to be profitable.

The more selective a tipster is with their tips the more likely they are to give horse racing predictions that make profits. We have several horse racing tipsters continually analysing each day’s horse racing but they are very selective and may only come up with one or two horse racing bets between them on a given day. Some days there may even be no horse racing predictions on our Facebook page. All of our decisions are made to make your horse racing betting as profitable as possible.

Do your horse racing bets make a profit?

Horse racing bets that make a profit can be difficult to find but you should be able to make a nice profit by following our horse racing bets over the long term. Our horse racing selections will of course make a loss on many days and weeks and even some months but followed over a longer period of time you should have great success.

The key to making the best profits from horse racing bets is to ensure you are following the tips every day. We have been known to make big profits in single days and those big profits can potentially pay for an entire losing month or two. If you don’t want to miss any of our profitable horse racing bets you should set your group notifications to ‘All posts’ rather than the default which is ‘Highlights’. You will find these settings underneath the header image on the Facebook tips group page.

Who makes our horse racing predictions?

The horse racing predictions that we make on our Facebook tips group come the opinions of a group of horse racing experts we have at our disposal. That includes both our in house horse racing tipsters as well as some professional horse racing tipsters or pass on tips to us on a regular basis.

We are able to call on over a century of combined horse racing betting experience to ensure you get the best horse racing predictions on a regular basis. Horse racing is not an easy sport on which to give profitable horse racing predictions but our horse racing tipsters have all been making good profits consistently from betting on horses for many years so your horse racing bets are in good hands if you follow our Facebook horse racing tips page.

What kind of horse racing bets do we recommend?

The recommended horse racing bets on our Facebook tips group encompass any bet that we think can help make you horse racing profits.

The most important type of horse racing bet you can place are singles. Single bets on horse racing are the bets that help give you consistent profits from betting. Any punter who isn’t backing singles on a daily basis is going to struggle to make long term profits.

There are times were horse racing accumulators and multiple bets should be placed too. These are undoubtedly a fun bet to have and they can also be responsible for some big winning bets. Horse racing accas or multiples have to be carefully considered though and it’s not just as simple as throwing all your horses for one day into the same bet. For example it rarely makes sense to put a 9/4 shot and a 16/1 chance into a double. Bets that offer similar amounts of value are generally best to be added to the same multiple bets.

Horse racing accumulators are also very difficult to land. You need a lot of luck to back even one winner in horse racing. Horses can underperform, pick up an injury, be given a bad ride, get stuck in the stalls or find trouble in running. Even the best bets suffer these setbacks. This is why we only try to put our most solid horse racing picks into multiple bets, reducing the risk of wasting stakes and permutations on unreliable bets.

Where can I watch horse races or get horse racing results?

Looking to watch horse races that you have bet on? Most bookies now offer live streaming of horse racing if you have placed a small bet (usually around £1 or equivalent currency) on the race you want to watch. It’s effectively free live streaming of horse racing – as long as you have had a bet anyway. The major bookies all now offer you the chance to watch horse racing on your phone or your computer meaning you can cheer home all the winning horse racing tips we give you!

The next best thing if you are unable to watch your horse racing bets is to catch up on the horse racing results as quickly as possible. Whenever possible we will post an update after each race we have tipped in letting you know how the horse that was tipped has performed. If you are unable to catch that one of our favourite horse racing results services is the Sporting Life fast results.  It’s one of the fastest horse racing results services and will let you know the full result of a race within a minute or two of the horses crossing the line. 

Do you offer free betting tips on other sports?

Yes! You can also get free betting footballtips through our Facebook tips page. You’ll be able to get football betting tips on the Premier League, lower leagues, some top European leagues and even some lesser known world football leagues. There will also be World Cup betting tips, tips for the European Championships and other bets advised for international football.

The free football tips that are added to our Facebook tips group will mainly cover August through to May with international tips during June and July during the major international tournaments. This will give you football betting tips coverage pretty much all year round. 

About Bookie Basher Tips’ horse racing tips

Bookie Basher Tips was set up to give more people access to successful free horse racing tips. We use the collective knowledge of a group of horse racing fans and tipsters to share profitable horse racing tips through our Facebook tips group. You can gain access to that group here.

These free racing tips are proven to make profits over the long term and many big daily wins on horse racing can be had when following the horse racing betting tips on a regular basis. We don’t shy away from losing tips and losing runs and don’t provide false promises. If you are after honest and profitable horse racing predictions that you are in the right place.