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Our top football bookmakers

You’ve now got access to the best football tips for today so now it’s time to use the best football bookmakers?

Our top football bookmakers are those that offer the best football odds and have the best football betting concessions. You’ll also have access to the best football free bets. Our football betting experts know exactly which bookmakers are right for your football bets.

Some of these bookies have some great sign up bonuses that you can use on your football bets if you open a new account with them today. Because these bookies offer the best football odds and best concessions you will find that most of our football bets will be up being recommended with one of the great football bookies below.

How can I get free football betting tips?

Our free football betting tips are posted daily by our football tipsters on our private Facebook group. You can join the free footballtips group by clicking here.

By setting your notifications to ‘All Posts’ rather than ‘Highlights’ just below the header image on the group you can ensure you never miss one of our best football tips for today that could give you some great returns. Our best tip of the day is not to be missed!

If you aren’t already on Facebook it’s super easy to set up an account and then you you can get our football bets and tips through our page here. If you are looking to get our nap of the day and football predictions for tomorrow but don’t have a Facebook account and don’t in getting one you’ll be able to contact us here and we’ll inform you of other ways to grab our footballtips.

How will I find the best football bets and tips?

Our football tipsters make it easy to find our football betting tips each day on the Facebook football tips group. The best football bets and tips are available each weekend during the domestic season and also for midweek games and key international fixtures and tournaments.

Our Saturday football tips have provided our followers with many big wins making this one of the best football betting sites available for free. Our best tip of the day is in fact often posted a day or two before the match or matches are set to be played. This will give you plenty of time to back our best football bets and tips each week.

So if you are looking for the best free weekend football accumulator tips or any other kind of football bets then make sure you check out the Bookie Basher Tips Facebook page for regular big winners.

How to get the best football tips for today

The best football tips for today will have been selected by our football tipsters a couple of days in advance and posted on the free football tips Facebook group as soon as they are happy with the football odds provided by the bookmakers. You can find the latest football betting tips here.

Make sure you have your notifications set up so that you are alerted every time new football tips for today are added and that will ensure that you not only never miss a bet, you’ll also never miss a price as some of our football bets and tips can be extremely well backed. The whole point of our tips is that the bookies have underestimated them and therefore they are available at value odds. These value football odds don’t always last if the bookies realise they have been too generous or if the tips are particularly well backed.

Do you offer free weekend football accumulator tips?

We offer a variety of football predictions for today, tomorrow and even next week. These can include free weekend football accumulator tips amongst other kinds of bet.

Weekend football accumulator tips can be the most popular of football betting tips because they give punters the opportunity to win larger sums of money from smaller stakes. Sometimes these football accas tips will mainly concentrate on the 1×2 markets but we also look at btts accumulator tips whenever possible. Btts (both teams to score) is an extremely popular betting market and has been for the past decade. You can even mix and match what goes into the weekend football accumulator tips, sometimes combining 1×2 tips, btts tips and even using other types of bet or market in there too.

There won’t necessarily be weekend football acca tips every single week. It pays to vary the types of bet you place depending on what the bets look like. If we have identified several big priced, value football tips then singles are likely to be a better approach than an acca. If we have several football tips we think are close to certainties then footy accumulator tips are going to be the best recommended bets.

Are football accas the best type of footballtips?

Our football accas are often the types of football tips that produce the biggest wins for followers but it’s difficult to commit to them being the best kind of footballtips you can place. The bigger odds in a football acca reflect the fact that your chances of winning are smaller so they certainly come with plenty of risk. The more matches you are betting on the more likely luck is to be a factor in deciding whether or not you win. There are more chances of a refereeing mistake, a dodgy penalty being given, a game changing red card or a team not playing to form.

On the flip side of that, betting on just a single outcome means you are dealing with just one set of variables. So sometimes the best tip of the day may just be a single or sometimes we will recommend an acca as the nap of the day. It really all comes down to finding value football betting tips and wherever the most value can be gained will be considered the best type of footballtips.

Do you only offer Saturday football tips?

Our Saturday football tips are certainly amongst our most popular football bets we recommend but we may offer football betting tips on any given day as long as there is value to be found. Our weekend football accumulator tips don’t necessarily all fall on Saturdays, sometimes the matches will be played on Sundays or even Friday evenings. When we bet on European football the games can be more likely to be played on Sundays than on Saturdays.

Most football betting sites will try and tip every time there are football matches but we try to stay away from that sort of approach. We will never force a bet if there isn’t one just for the sake of it. That even applies to weekends too. There may be no Saturday football tips some weeks and lots of betting tips for Saturday other weeks. It very much just depends on the schedule.

Do you give a nap of the day or best tip of the day?

We won’t necessarily label one of our tips the nap of the day or best tip of the day with our football betting strategy but you’ll always be able to figure out what the best bets are from our confidence ratings that are supplied with all of our football betting tips.

Every day that we supply footy betting tips there is always a bet, or bets, that we rate most confident and those will always be our nap of the day.

We can’t guarantee that there will be a nap of the day every day, in fact we can guarantee there won’t be. That is because we won’t necessarily be giving out football tips every single day. Instead we prefer only to bet on football when we are getting value from our bets. Our football tipsters are excellent judges of value and will always get you the best football odds today on your bets.

So if you are looking for the best tip of the day from our football predictions just check out our Facebook tips group and see which of our football bets and tips come with the biggest confidence rating.

How can I get the best football odds today on the tips?

Football odds play a huge part in deciding what football predictions we make. For every prediction we must weigh up the likelihood of it winning versus the odds. Many football tipsters will simply tip a lot of outcomes they think will happen but this is a poor approach unless the football odds today are offering value.

All of our bets come with recommended odds and bookmakers to make getting the best football odds today as easy and as convenient for you as possible. We recommend you back the football tips as soon as you see them rather than waiting for tomorrow as the odds can always change, and they will usually get shorter. So once you have seen one of our tips simply go straight to the recommended bookmaker website and take the odds on the bet as quickly as possible. This can be particularly important when we have a tip we see as a football match prediction banker. Our bankers tend to perform extremely well and are usually very well backed.

Does Bookie Basher Tips have the best Facebook football tipsters?

Finding football tipsters on Facebook is very easy. Finding Facebook football tipsters who are good is a very different thing.

Most football tipsters don’t understand value. They think just because Man City or Barcelona are very likely winners of a match they should be put in your football accumulator tips. However it’s actually all about the football odds on offer. If those teams are available at even money they are probably a great bet. If they are available at 1/50 then they are almost certainly poor value and therefore a poor bet.

Sometimes fairly unlikely outcomes can be considered good value football betting tips. For example a defender who scores 2 goals a season has to be considered an unlikely goalscorer. However if you were to be offered 100/1 on that player to score that would be good value if he is scoring more often than one in every 100 games.

Our football tipsters have an excellent comprehension of value football betting which is why you can nearly always find the best football tips for today on the Bookie Basher Tips Facebook group.

On the days that we haven’t made a football prediction for today or tomorrow you could check out another of the top football betting sites that we recommend and that is OLBG. You can get OLBG football tips almost every day and whilst there are obviously some poor tipsters on the site there are also some good ones.

What time do you post your best football tips for today on Facebook?

Our best football tips for today should be posted at most a couple of days in advance and hopefully at least a day in advance. Our most straight forward bets, such as Premier League betting tips, are easy to put up early as the bookies can price those up a week or two in advance on most occasions.

However sometimes we look to take advantage of the bookies’ lack of knowledge further afield by giving out lower European league football tips or world football tips. To avoid getting filled in on their mistakes the bookies might wait until just 24 hours until the event or the day of the event before they release their football odds for these matches. This can make tipping on those events a little more complicated but if there is a bet to be had we will endeavour to get our best football betting tips out to you as early as possible.

Bearing in mind that some of our top football predictions can be posted fairly late on we recommend that you set your notifications on the tipping group to ‘All Posts’ to ensure you are always notified about our best tips of the day. In general we will try and get our Saturday football tips up by Thursday at the latest but as we have explained that is not always possible.

What is today’s football match prediction banker?

You can find out today’s football match prediction banker on our Facebook tips group. We don’t necessarily have a banker or any tips every single day but most days that you check our football match predictions you should be able to find an upcoming tip that we rate banker material. Our banker for the day might be a Weekend football accumulator tip, it could be our best football prediction for tomorrow or it could be a correct score single from a foreign league. It always completely depends on where the value bets can be found that week.

Our football match predictions are generally very accurate and we do our best to provide you with the best football betting tips as often as possible.

Do you have a football betting prediction for tomorrow?

Our best football prediction for tomorrow, if there is one, will be added to our Facebook tips group within 24 hours of the match kicking off in most circumstances. If there is a delay in getting our football betting predictions for tomorrow out to our followers it will be because the bookies are taking longer than usual to issue their odds on our tips.

Our best football prediction for tomorrow, if there is one, will be added to our Facebook tips group within 24 hours of the match kicking off in most circumstances. If there is a delay in getting our football betting predictions for tomorrow out to our followers it will be because the bookies are taking longer than usual to issue their odds on our tips.

We don’t necessarily just analyse the top leagues that the bookies like taking bets on. Our expert football tipsters also look at games in lower European leagues and other world leagues. In fact they analyse every match pretty much that the bookies are willing to offer odds on. For the smaller leagues and countries the bookies can be reluctant to offer their odds to early as shrewder football bettors, such as us, can take advantage of them.

Is this one of the best football betting sites?

There are lot great football betting sites out there but most of the best ones are form analysis tools which we use ourselves. We use these sites and tools to analyse the key stats in every match which help make our football prediction tips.

When it comes to the best football betting sites that offer betting tips then we certainly believe we are up there with the best football tips sites. All of our best football bets are very well researched and what perhaps sets us apart from the competition is what we tip on. We aren’t tipping the obvious outcomes in the obvious matches. Our football tipsters spend all week, every week finding the most likely football tips to produce long term profits for our followers. This includes some leagues, markets and bet types that may be less familiar to some followers. They are always worth following though as our best football tips for today can produce great returns.

Who are our profitable football tipsters?

We have a small group of football stats analysts who specialise in finding the best football betting tips across European and World football. Some of the bets that we tip may be slightly unconventional and some of the leagues the tips come from will certainly be but the main aim is always to produce long term profits from these tips – and some big wins! 

Our tipsters have been selecting the best footballtips for decades and are able to share the tips they produce with our followers for free. This means that our followers have access to many hours of football betting research every single week.

What kind of football betting tips do we recommend?

We have no set rules about what type of football betting tips we recommend to our followers each week. Some weeks we may choose to concentrate on giving the best weekend football accumulator tips and sometimes our Saturday football tips may just be a selection of singles on the Premier League. The main priority for our football betting tips is always to recommend what we think we make our followers the most amount of profit on any given day.

We realise our popular football acca tips are so where possible we will always try to find a weekend of weekly accumulator for our followers to back as long as we think it will be profitable. We also look at other multiple bets as well as singles.

One of our favourite bets to select is a correct score lucky 15. These bets will often concentrate on foreign leagues where there are very few goals. By doing this we can gain an edge over some bookies as there are realistically only a few possible outcomes. Another advantage of these bets is if you bet with the best football bookmakers you will get double odds if you have just one winner. This means you can pretty much make your money back if getting just one winner out of four.

Do you offer btts tips?

We regularly give out btts betting tips to our followers. Btts tips, or both teams to score tips, are some of the most fun bets to have. This is especially the case when you are backing yes for both teams to score. The beauty of this kind of bet is you are always in with a chance of landing your bet until the final whistle is blown. Even games that are 0-0 in the 90th minute can still be a btts winner. This comment certainly doesn’t apply to many other types of football bets.

There are of course btts – no tips as well. This is where you are backing both teams NOT to score. Many punters can shy away from this kind of bet but it often actually gives better value than regular btts tips. If betting on this market there is obviously a chance that your bet can become a loser at any point in the match but that shouldn’t put you off these kind of btts tips as there are many games where one of the teams scoring a goal looks very unlikely.

Other markets that can offer similar betting opportunities to btts betting are total goals and also win to nil betting. 

Total goals betting typically allows you to bet on over or under a certain amount of goals. The default for this market is set to 2.5 goals but there are lots of other options that can be explored such as under or over 1.5 goals and also under or over 3.5 goals. All of these markets can provide value football betting opportunities at times and will always be part of our analysis.

If betting on both teams not to score we normally recommend considering a bet on a team to win to nil. This effectively means you are not only backing a team to win the match, you are also backing them to keep a clean sheet. This can be a really good value way of boosting the odds on a team to win. 

An alternative to this kind of football tip is a team to win and both teams to score. This is effectively the opposite of a win to nil bet. Betting on a team to win and both teams to score tips is a great way of boosting both 1×2 bets and also both teams to score bets. If you think a certain team will win what should be an open match then win and both teams to score tipping can be the way forward. Likewise if you are following both teams to score tips and want to boost the odds further you can also include the winner of the matches to increase the odds.

There are loads of great opportunities with btts tips which is why they are one of the first bets we consider on matches, be it both teams to score (yes) or both teams to score (no).

Do you offer football tips on Twitter?

Very soon we will be launching out Twitter page which will offer free football tips on Twitter. We have prioritised Facebook because tips tend to get lost on people’s timelines on Twitter whereas people can receive notifications for our football betting tips on Facebook. As soon as we have launched our Twitter football tips page we will link to it from this page.

Do you only give out footballtips on Facebook?

We also give out free horse racing tips on our Facebook tips group. We know that our followers mostly like to bet on both football and horse racing which is why we don’t separate the two sports.

Some people prefer to bet on just one of football or horse racing and they are welcome to just follow the tips they want, be they horse racing tips or football betting tips. If you just want to receive football tips then you can ignore the horse racing tips and if you want to bet on just horse racing from our tips then you can ignore the football tips.

About Bookie Basher Tips’ football betting tips

Bookie Basher Tips is designed to allow follower to back our expert football betting tips for free. We have a group of football betting analysts who live and breathe football betting ready to supply you with winning tips on our Facebook tips group. You can follow those tips here.

Our free football betting tips are tailor made to make long term profits. There may be short term losing streaks but that is because we tend to shy away from picking short priced outcomes. When followed over longer periods of time our footballtips have been proven to make valuable profits.

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