Football Index Review And Tips: Should You Join The Football Stock Exchange?

Since Football Index launched in 2015 it has soared in popularity with would be traders desperate to prove their knowledge and win cash by buying and selling shares in professional football players. This Football Index review will help you decide if it’s right for you. You should also get some great Football Index tips and pointers along the way.

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Who Are Our Top 5 Football Index Tips Right Now?

Bernardo Silva – Manchester City

Bernardo Silva has become a key player in the Man City side in the past 12 months and is still approaching his best years having turned 25 in August 2019. Any other team would be completely reliant on the Portuguese and although City have plenty of other options in this position, he is still missed when not available.

Expect to see him amongst the Player of the Year shortlists at the end of the season and if he ups his game again like he is capable of he might just be winning one of those awards.

Buy Bernardo Silva shares at £2.34

Harry Winks – Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham’s best form last season coincided with the deep lying playmaker’s run in the first team before injury. It also tailed off when he got injured towards the end of the season.

He could soon be a focal point in the Spurs and England midfield and is the only player of his type that England can call upon currently with the requisite quality. More and more people are going to wake up to his ability in the next 12 months and he looks a strong investment.

Buy Harry Winks shares at £1.29

James Maddison – Leicester City

Maddison has already developed into a top attacking midfielder in the Premier League and many don’t realise how young he still is. Maddison is just 22 years old and it won’t be long until the big boys come sniffing. In the meantime he is going to keep on getting goals and assists and regular senior England caps are around the corner too.

All this points to some big rises in the playmaker’s share value.

Buy James Maddison shares at £4.86

Mason Mount – Chelsea

Mason Mount showed he could do it at Championship level last season for Frank Lampard and his manager has shown full faith in him this season at Premier League level for Chelsea. He’s scoring goals and now a full England International. His value is only going to go one way and that’s up.

Buy Mason Mount shares at £3.82

Daniel James – Manchester United

James was bought from Swansea in the summer and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has thrown him in the deep end early for Manchester United. His goalscoring form from the Championship has translated to the Premier League and he looks the most exciting player in a relatively stale team. Those standout performances should see this youngster ‘s share value soar.

Buy Daniel James shares at £2.91

What Is Football Index?

Football Index is a football stockmarket where you can buy and sell shares in football players from around the world using real money.

Football Index is a new twist on football betting. Rather than betting on team results and outcomes you are betting on player performances and perceived value. 

Unlike regular football betting which is generally settled in one day, Football Index bets take place at a much slower pace. A couple of bad games for a player don’t leave you with a big hole in your pocket. 

Instead if you are ‘right’ about your buys over a longer period of time you will make money.

Football Index is a great service for football fans. Whereas most of us don’t know a lot about the companies in which you can buy stock exchange shares, every football fan has an opinion about football. Football Index gives you the opportunity to make money from that opinion in a very different way to traditional football betting.

What Is The Aim Of Football Index?

Just like shares in companies on the stock market, the value of the shares in each player can fluctuate in value based on a variety of factors. The aim of Football Index is obviously to make real money through trading players. Ultimately you will make money from Football Index if you buy low and sell high.

How Does Football Index Work?

Think of Football Index as a betting version of Fantasy Football. You are betting on player performances over the course of weeks or months, or even longer periods if need be. The better a player is performing the more that player’s value will go up. Just like in Fantasy Football you’d be earning more points for the players in your team performing well.

You don’t necessarily have to build a team with Football Index though. You can buy as many shares in as many or as few players as you like. Those Football Index players will end up in what is referred to as your portfolio. Your Football Index portfolio is the collection of players you own shares in.

There are also elements of spread betting in Football Index. When placing spread bets you make more profit the more you are right about something and more losses the more you are wrong about something. So with spread betting if you buy team performance in the Premier League the more games that team wins the more money you make. This is similar with Football Index. When you buy shares in a player the better that player performs the more his share value is going to go up and the more your shares will be worth. This gives you the opportunity to sell your shares for more money.

Remember that you can make big money with Football Index. A great example of this would be those who bought shares in Mo Salah when he signed for Liverpool. Not many would have predicted his first season success but those who thought he would be a hit were well rewarded. When he first joined Liverpool his share price was less than £2. A season later after he had won the Golden Boot his share price was worth over £10. That’s more than a 400% increase in value!

How Do I Make A Profit From Football Index?

Every player in Football Index has a share value. That share value can go up or down based on their performances, ability and perceived value. If a player is performing well their value should rise. If a player is performing poorly, are injured or are out of the team their value is likely to drop. 

Just like stocks and shares in real life companies, you have the option of buying shares and then selling them. With Football Index you buy shares in players who you think have an upside. That is their value is likely to go up. If you are right about their value going up you then have to determine the right time to sell your shares in order to make a profit. There is no locked in profit until you have sold your shares.

Football Index also reflects how being a shareholder in companies work as you can earn dividends from the shares you own in players. This means you can earn real money payouts without having to cash in your shares.

These dividends are paid out based on two different criteria. The first of those is based on performances and is called ‘Performance Buzz’. You’ll earn a payout if your player is deemed the top defender, top midfielder, top attacker or top overall player. The second criteria is known as ‘Media Buzz’. Football Index monitor 25 news feeds and players can earn ‘buzz points’ based on positive mentions. The player with the most buzz points will earn a dividend.

What Sort Of Players Should I Buy On Football Index?

There are several strategies for buying shares in players on Football Index. 

Going for peak players is going to mean paying peak prices. There is probably less risk involved in buying the most established players but there is also less upside in terms of how much more they can go up in value. They may even have already reached their peak share price.

The great thing about buying those peak, established players is they are more likely to qualify for the media buzz and performance based dividends on Football Index. This can be invaluable in giving you a regular income from Sporting Index even if your shares aren’t necessarily going up in value.

At the other end of the scale there are the up and coming players who are much cheaper to buy into. You are probably going to have to wait a very long time until you can earn dividends from those players but you should be able to see much sharper rises in share value. The only problem then is deciding when the best time to sell is. It’s generally best to have a preferred sell price in mind whenever you buy shares in any player.

Does Football Index Offer a Free Trial Or Money Back Guarantee?

Football Index very generously offer a 7 day trial for new customers. They realise that Football Index isn’t what bettors and football fans are necessarily used to so they offer you money back as cash on losses incurred in your first week with Football Index up to £500.

This gives you what is pretty much a risk-free Football Index trial. This money back guarantee with Football Index gives you the opportunity to test it out without worry. 

That’s not to say you should just go wild and start making trades. You should do careful research before making any trades and should buy shares as if there is no money back guarantee with Football Index. Makes your trades as if your money is really at risk and then if you make a loss and feel Football Index isn’t for you then take advantage of the Football Index money back guarantee. The best way to learn a new platform is always to use in the short term as you intend to use it over the longer term.

How Do I Become A Football Index Trader?

In order to become a Football Index trader you first of all need to open an account with Football Index. Once you have done that deposit enough money into your account so that you can buy the shares you want. 

Don’t buy players on a whim or just buy your favourite player – remember you are buying shares in players who you think will go up in value. If they don’t go up in value you won’t make any money and won’t be considered much of a Football Index trader. 

Build your portfolio of shares in players and then sit back and wait until the time is right to sell those shares. You’re now a Football Index trader!

What Are The Best Football Index Tips?

Our Best Football Index Tips

Our best Football Index tips for players to buy and sell can always be found at the top of this page. Many people prefer to follow their own Football Index tips which is great. For newcomers to Football Index it is worth reading some of the advice we have below.

Always Consider Commission!

When you sell your shares in any player Football Index will charge you 2% commission. This is where they make their money. 

Now 2% doesn’t sound a lot, and it isn’t a lot, but it can make quite a big difference in some situations. The 2% is the total sale price, not 2% of your profit. 

When looking to buy shares in a player always multiply the share price by 1.02. This will show you the value required for you to break even on your trade. When selling shares in a player always multiply the share value by 0.98. This will give you the actual value of your shares once you have sold them.

Read More On Football Index Strategy

We have more advice on Football Index strategy below that will help you become a profitable Football Index trader. 

What Is The Best Football Index Strategy?

Every Football Index trader approaches this without a different strategy. The best Football Index strategies will always be debated but you can find out our best overall tips for making Football Index profits here:

Never Panic Buy Or Panic Sell

The worst thing you can do is throw your long time strategy out of the window based on what happens in a short space of time. If circumstances change then by all minds do what you need to do, even if it involves making a loss. Making a small loss now is better than making a big loss in a few months’ time.

However just because a player has a bad game or two it doesn’t mean their value is going to plummet. There should be a good reason why you invested in the players you did and if one of them has some bad games, but you still believe in your judgement, then wait it out and reap the rewards when they come good.

Set Up News Alerts For Your Investments

Being first to a piece of news can be extremely profitable in Football Index. You can set up Google alerts for all the players you have invested in so that you get emailed every time a story is published about them. Not only will that allow you to react first to breaking news, you will also get a feel for possible media buzz dividends that might be coming your way.

Spread Your Risk

Don’t put all your money into one player, however good an investment you think they are going to be. Try and have at least 3 to 5 investments on the go at once. That way even if a couple of them are reducing in value you should be able to keep your overall Football Index portfolio in profit.

All players will fluctuate up and down whichever way the investment is heading and you always want to try and have as many players who are increasing in value as possible amongst your portfolio.

Be One Step Ahead Of The Rest

Following everyone else is never going to make you any real money in Football Index because everyone else will be grabbing the value before you. Instead try to be a trendsetter rather than a trend follower. Buy players before they shoot up in value, not once they have already done so.

This is of course easier said than done but Football Index is for sharp football minds. If you are investing in Football Index players you need to fully back yourself to spot the trends and improvers before everyone else. If everyone is talking about a certain player and you haven’t yet invested then it may already be too late.

Don’t Be Fooled By Fake Transfer Stories

There are loads of great transfer story resources out there but social media is also full of accounts that spend their time peddling fake transfer stories just to generate clicks and likes. These profiles and websites should be kryptonite to a good Football Index trader. 

Follow only respected sources such as those that Football Index uses to calculate their media buzz ratings and dividends. If it’s good enough for Football Index it should be good enough for you.

Don’t Try To Be Too Clever

Remember that player share price on Football Index is largely driven by what is happening in the UK and also UK perception. The news outlets that drive the media buzz dividends are UK based and so are many of the traders. Finding a relative unknown on the continent might be value but if they aren’t going to create any buzz in the UK for another year their share price isn’t going to rise. Concentrate on UK buzz.

What’s The Latest Football Index News?

Football Index has its own news section on their website. This Football Index news section looks at top players, leagues and tournaments from around the world to help you spot possible opportunities and angles that could help you make money from your trading.

Remember that everyone can read this Football Index news page and therefore anyone following any advice is likely to be doing so alongside many others. That could mean there is little value to be had if you are late to the party.

The best strategy with the Football Index news page is to take what you read and apply it elsewhere. If they are talking about an angle with South American players playing in the Bundesliga why not look at how South American players have been performing in Ligue 1 or somewhere else?

Always do your own research but don’t be afraid to adapt and use the research others have put into Football Index as well.

Can I Get Involved In The Football Index Buzz?

There is a huge amount of Football Index buzz right now. There are adverts for it everywhere and new Football Index traders are signing up all the time. It’s a really innovative product where knowledgeable football fans can make profits from buying shares in the right sorts of player.

If you are looking to get involved in the Football Index buzz then all you need to do is create an account with Football Index before making a deposit. Then you’ll be able to buy shares in any of the football index players you are interested in. Don’t forget to check out our Football Index tips on this page before you begin trading!

How Do Football Index Dividends Work?

Football Index dividends allow investors to earn real money from their shares without the need to sell them. There are two types of Football Index dividend on offer which can give you regular payouts on your investments:

Football Index Media Buzz

Football Index monitor 25 of the most respected media outlets in order to create a media buzz dividend. The media buzz dividend from Football Index gets paid out every single day to the player that is deemed to have received the most positive media mentions from the media outlets that are monitored by Football Index. Those media outlets are Talksport, UEFA, The FA, ESPN, FIFA, Football League, Daily Mail, Daily Star, The Times, Telegraph, Independent, Daily Express, The Guardian, Metro, Daily Mirror, BBC Sport, Football365,, Huffington Post and Sky Sports.

It often pays to consider media buzz when you make any investments. If your player is the type of person who makes the headlines (for the right reasons) more often than not you could be getting regular cash dividends without having to sell any shares.

Football Index Performance Buzz

Football Index uses Opta data in order to decide the top overall player, the top defender, the top midfielder and the top attacker. If your player earns any of those merits you’ll earn a dividend on that player of up to 18p per share. 

Is There A Football Index App?

Football Index have a great app that makes trading on Football Index even easier on your mobile device. The Football Index App is available on both iPhone and Android and can be found on the App Store or on Google Play. 

The Football Index app has a user review rating of 4.2 on the App Store and has received great reviews based on its ease of use and design. On Google Play the average review of the Football Index app is also 4.2 and seems to be well received by Android users as well as iPhone users. We also highly recommend the Football Index app if you are doing some trading on your phone. However we feel the best experience is gained from using your desktop rather than the Football Index app/ This is because it’s easier to switch between browser tabs allowing you to research and trade at the same time. 

Is Football Index The Best Football Stockmarket?

Simply put yes. Football Index is the best football stockmarket. Football Index got to the market first with this great product and as a result they look likely to dominate the football stock market space for many years to come.

There is also room for Football Index to expand and improve and become an even better football stockmarket. They are likely to allow you to trade on even more players and add even more dividends to allow traders to make even more profit from Football Index.

Are There Any Other Football Stock Markets?

There are sure to be Football Index imitations over the coming years that try to get on the football stock markets bandwagon but currently it is a bit of a closed door as far as new football stockmarkets are concerned. Football Index is the biggest and the best football stock market and one of the best football betting services out there.  

Where Can I Find Regular Football Index Tips?

The Football Index tips at the top of this page remain up until either the player’s value has risen high enough to warrant selling those shares or until we think an even better trade comes along. The tips have been left up for a while then that means we still think there are good share value increases still to come. 

This means that our Football Index tips are updated semi regularly. They won’t change on a week by week basis as Football Index players don’t raise that quickly in value.

Who Is The Best Football Index Tipster?

We want you to be the best Football Index Tipster. Follow the advice on this page to learn as much as you can about Football Index. Work your way up through trading, steadily increasing your balance. Learn and grow as you do so and become a quality Football Index trader.

The key to becoming the best Football Index tipster or trader is to find the right players at the right time. Don’t just follow the pack and don’t necessarily go after all the ‘big’ players. Find the value in the football stock market. Look for players who are a long way from reaching their peak and enjoy the ride as they go up in value. Then you can become one of the best Football Index tipsters.

Who Are The Best Football Index Players To Buy And Sell?

The best Football Index players to buy and sell changes on a weekly and monthly basis. One player who was a great player to buy at the start of the season might be a player that you should be selling your shares in by the time Christmas comes around. 

You can find our current Football Index tips at the top of this page and they will generally concentrate on share buys rather than share sells. The reason for this is that you can only sell shares in players you already own shares in so if we put up a sell tip only a small minority of people that read the advice will actually have shares in that player to sell. Whereas with buy tips anyone can get involved and hopefully as many people as possible can follow our Football Index advice on which players to buy shares in. 

We may sometimes advise selling shares in a player if it’s a very popular player who will strongly believe is going to lose share value in the near future.

Is Your Football Index Review Honest?

Our Football Index review is completely honest. We are aiming to bring you as much information about Football Index as possible so you can make the decision as to whether or not to start playing. 

Several of our contributors have been trading on Football Index for many years now and they have proved that you can make consistent profits from Football Index as long as you remain disciplined and are a good judge of footballer and the dynamics that determine share prices and dividends within Football Index.

We think Football Index is a great product for football fans and bettors alike. You aren’t going to win or lose any big money overnight which makes it a much more bank balance friendly product than a lot of other betting sites.

Football Index also gives you an interest in several players and teams throughout the whole season. You’ll find you are checking teams’ results that you never previously cared about to see how the players have performed that you hold shares in. Football Index is certainly one of the most fun ways to wager money, especially when you buy shares in the right kind of players.

Don’t just take our word for it though. You can read Football Index reviews on Trust Pilot and the general consensus there certainly agrees with what we have to say about Football Index. A huge 88% of the reviews on Trust Pilot give Football Index the perfect rating of excellent on their Football Index review. 

What Is The Difference Between Football Index And Bookmakers?

Football Index is a betting service, as are bookmakers. However the way Football Index works is very different from your traditional bookmakers.

Most football bets that are struck with bookmakers have a very short life span and at the end of that life span you are either a winner or a loser. Even ante post football bets with bookmakers that can last the whole season have a definite end date and outcome.

Football Index is different. You buy shares in players of your choice and those shares have a value that will fluctuate. You choose when the ‘bet’ ends by then selling your shares in that player. If you want you can keep hold of your shares for maybe just a month or two or perhaps you might even keep hold of them for a number of years before selling. Football Index puts you in control.

Can I Lose Money On Football Index?

Unfortunately it is possible to lose money by playing Football Index. If you are a Football Index trader you are gambling with real money, just like you would be buying stocks and shares on the stock exchange. 

In order to be able to win money with Football Index you also need to be prepared to lose money. Football Index is gambling and you should always consider it as gambling whenever you make a trade. 

The good news is if you are new to Football Index you can take advantage of the £500 money back guarantee. Football Index will refund your losses up to £500 in your first week with Football Index if you decide that Football Index is not for you. 

Only ever bet what you can afford to lose on Football Index or any other betting service.

How Old Do I Have To Be To Play Football Index?

Football Index is different to a bookmaker but they require a gambling license and you are betting real money whenever you play Football Index. As a result of Football I(ndex being a gambling website you will need to be 18 years old or over in order to create a Football Index account and to deposit funds. You won’t be able to make a deposit with Football Index until you have proved your identity and proved you are old enough to gamble.

How Do I Keep Track Of My Football Index Portfolio?

It is generally recommended that you keep a spreadsheet of all your Football Index trades. There is certain information you should keep logged in your spreadsheet for each trade you make. Some of this information will be available within Football Index but it helps to have all your Football Index portfolio information in one place:

Player Name

The most obvious piece of information to log is every player you own shares in. This means at a glance you can see how many players you own shares in and exactly which players you have bought shares in.

Share Purchase Price

Probably the most important piece of information from your portfolio to track is the share purchase price. This makes it easier to track if you are in a profit or a loss with that player. If the current share price is higher than your purchase price then you are in positive equity with that player and you can cash out for a profit. If the current share price is lower than the purchase price then if you choose to cash out then you are going to make a loss.

Reason For Purchase

Whenever you buy a share or shares in a player there will always be a reason for doing so. It’s best to record as much information about your decision as possible when you purchase shares. This is especially important when you have built a larger Football Index portfolio.

Examples of information you might include here would be expecting the player to move to a bigger club or more popular league, seeing that the player might get an extended run in the first team (if they haven’t been getting one already) or perhaps the team’s style of play might be changing under a new manager and that could suit the player you are purchasing shares in.

Target Share Sale Price

Whenever you purchase shares you should try and have an idea of at what point you will be cashing in those shares. Unlike most bets where there is a definite end date to the bet where it is settled in full, with Football Index you decide when the bet is over. 

You might see the purchase as a fairly short term investment in which case you may set a fairly small profit figure. Alternatively you might have a long term strategy with your purchase and will wait until you have perhaps doubled your money on the investment before you sell your shares. 

You don’t necessarily have to stick to your target sale price as it always pays to be flexible with Football Index and circumstances are always changing in football. However having a guide price of where you sell is always advisable. 

Players To Watch

Why not also keep a list of players you are considering buying shares in. You can use this shortlist to monitor players and consistently check their share price. Then when it is time to purchase shares in that player they are already on your spreadsheet. Just don’t forget to also record the other information above when you purchase your shares.

Why Should You Sign Up With Football Index Today?

If you aren’t already playing Football Index then it’s time to take the plunge and become a Football Index trader. There are now full time Football Index traders who make a living from the platform simply by buying and selling shares in football players. It sounds like a dream but it’s really happening.

Football Index is a brilliant service that seems to offer many safeguards that regular football betting sites don’t. There may be no quick wins but there are no quick losses either.

The fact that you can sign up and trade up to £500 risk-free in your first week is the extra sweetener you need to get involved with Football Index. You can find your feet and try Football Index out without worrying too much about any of your share values decreasing.