Online Bookmakers

There is now a huge choice of UK online bookmakers for you to choose from.  Here are the best UK betting sites so you can found out which bookies are best to place bets with.


One of the biggest brands in betting. William Hill have the most betting shops in the UK and are a name every punter can trust.

Key features

  • Win £100,000 Jackpot in the free to play WH Lucky 7
  • Free Horse Racing and Greyhound streaming through WHTV​
  • Their Free Bet is valid for longer than most bookies


Ladbrokes Free Bet

Hugely respected betting brand with easy to use and well designed website and app.

Key features

  • One of the best snooker bookies
  • Great cricket odds
  • Same day withdrawals when using e-wallets

Who are the best UK online bookmakers?

Betting is a huge part of the lives of the Bookie Basher Tips team and they have helped compile a list of the best UK online bookmakers. Our team have years and years of betting experience behind them and we have used all of the major UK bookies you can see above – plus a whole lot of other bookmakers that aren’t listed above because we don’t think they are good enough bookies to recommend.

The best UK online bookies are those with the best review rating above. That doesn’t mean that all the UK online bookmakers that have the same review score are exactly the same. Some of those UK bookies will be better than other bookies for some betting areas and others might be better for other criteria. For example, if comparing two bookies with a 4 star rating one may have better odds but fewer markets and the other could have slightly worse odds but a better range of betting markets.

We have been testing online bookies in the UK for over 20 years so our online bookie reviews are perfect to explain the best online bookmakers and the worst online bookies. Throughout each of the reviews you will get an understanding of why you should bet with that bookie – and also why you might not want to bet with them. By the time you finish the review you should have a good idea of what sort of bookie rating they are going to receive having read the review content.

Bookmaker reviews – how do we determine our bookie ratings?

A huge amount of research and experience go into the Bookie Basher Tips online bookmaker reviews and a huge amount of factors are considered when we finish our bookie reviews with a star rating.

It’s not easy to sum up everything that is good or bad about a bookmaker simply by giving it a star rating out of 5 which is why we examine everything about each of the online bookmakers and also produce a list of advantages and disadvantages of betting with that bookmaker. 
Our reviewers all contribute to each and every review and between them they have over 100 years of betting experience. This means that we have over a century of betting insight in each one of the bookmaker reviews for UK bookies.

Just because a bookie has a high bookie review rating with us it doesn’t mean that you will always have the perfect experience with them. No bookie has a flawless customer service record and sometimes they don’t consider their customers fully with the decisions they make. This is why it’s important to know about IBAS. They are a company that deal with bookie complaints and they can help settle a matter for you if you feel you have been mistreated by any of the UK online bookmakers.

How to find the best online betting sites

The number of bookmakers that are licensed in the UK is approaching 100 – that’s a lot of UK bookies! If you come across any bookies that are not licensed in the UK we strongly recommend that you avoid betting with them. They will not be subject to the same strict regulation that UK licensed bookmakers are and you could find that you have problems with them and are not protected. Even worse you could end up being ripped off. There is a list of bookmakers that are licensed here in the UK.

All of the online bookies above are UK licensed and therefore immediately more trustworthy than any bookmaker that isn’t licensed in the UK. Attention is always drawn to the free bets that are offered by the bookies but that’s not all you should consider. Ideally you want to find an online bookmaker that you are going to bet with for as long as possible. So questions such as ‘does this bookmaker offer the best odds?’, ‘does this bookie offer lots of markets on the sports I bet on?’ and ‘does this bookie accept the form of payment I use?’ need to be asked. These are the factors that are going to keep you using a bookmaker over the long term and it’s also the kind of information you will find in our in depth bookie reviews.

The key to finding the best online betting sites is to read as many of the reviews as possible, even if you don’t read every word. Once you have read a few of the online bookie reviews you will start to figure out which bookies are best for football betting, which bookies are best for horse racing betting, which bookies offer the best odds and which bookies offer the most markets and most thorough betting experience.

What factors to look for in the top UK online bookmakers

The main things that make a bookie worth betting with on a regular basis are:

If you have those 3 factors then chances are the bookie is going to be pretty good. However there are lots of other factors that also make the best online bookies to bet with and they include:

Why would an online bookmaker get a poor rating from us?

So a poor bookmaker is likely to fail in most of the above criteria. Probably the biggest factor is offering lower odds than most of the competition. Many punters will use odds comparison and if a bookie continually fails to offer best price about any selection then they are going to struggle to attract regular custom.

Other factors that cause a bookie to get a poorer rating in our reviews include:

Which are the best new online bookmakers?

In recent years the betting market has been flooded by new sportsbook and casino operators. Many of these are white label sites which are underpinned by one or two betting platforms who provide the tech for these bookies to operate.

These new online bookies typically don’t have the same level of coverage compared the likes of well established bookies such as bet365, William Hill and Ladbrokes. Many also fail to offer such competitive odds.

Some of these new UK bookies are quite frankly not very good. The level of coverage can be very poor and the odds on offer can be competitive. They actually give punters very few reasons to bet with them other than to get the sign up bonus on offer.

However some new bookmakers are actually quite good and many of those are trying to improve with how many markets and sports are on offer. You will notice that some have recently added improvements such as best odds guaranteed, live streaming and other such factors that make people more likely to bet with them regularly. These are the newer bookies that you want to have accounts with as in a few years they could be realistically competing with the likes of BetVictor and Coral.

If you see an unfamiliar bookie name above and they have a good review score from us don’t be afraid to try them out. You might just enjoy finding a great new online bookie to bet with!

Which are the best UK independent online bookmakers?

We obviously review big, established bookies as well as new bookmakers that haven’t been around too long. On top of that we have also tried, tested and reviewed some small and independent online bookmakers. These bookmakers don’t want huge quantities of customers as they are happy keeping their liabilities fairly small but they are always on the look out for some new customers.

Examples of independent bookies that you can bet with online include the likes of Jenningsbet.

There are also small bookies who are willing to offer very competitive odds on major events as long as you aren’t expecting to bet with large stakes. In fact even medium stakers might struggle to get their bets on with the likes of MarathonBet. However if you are happy just having a few pounds on many of your bets than MarathonBet and similar bookies could be the best bookie for you as they will often go top price on many popular bets.

What you should look for when opening a new online bookmaker account

The first thing to do before opening an account is to check our bookie review score for the betting site. If the score is great then go ahead with few worries. If the score is average then make sure you take advantage of the free bet on offer and see how much you enjoy the site. If the review score is low then tread very carefully, make sure you read all the terms and conditions for any offers and perhaps consider placing smaller bets than you normally would just to make sure you are happy with them first.

If you are opening a new online bookmaker account to get a sign up bonus or free bet offer then make sure you read the key terms and conditions that go with that bookie offer. The main terms will be listed on the bookmaker landing page where you click to sign up. The sorts of terms you should look out for include:

How to make a deposit with online bookmakers

Making a new deposit with an online bookmaker is usually very easy and straight forward. With most bookies the minimum deposit amount will be £5 but with some you may find the minimum deposit amount if £10. If you use a less common method of depositing money to a betting account (anything other than debit card) the minimum amounts may increase and there could also be fees involved. Check the individual site for more details.

Due to strict money laundering rules bookmakers will not let customers deposit money using one source only to withdraw it to another source. So if you use a debit card to make your deposits and withdrawals are going to have to go back to that debit card. When debit cards expire the details can be updated to the new card as long as the card is associated to the same bank account still.

If you want to use other products with the same bookie, such as poker or casino, you can do so without making any new deposits as long as you already have money in your sportsbook account. Usually poker or casino wagers can’t be made using sportsbook balances. Instead money will have to be transferred between sportsbook and the other product. This can be done quickly and easily in your banking or account options. The funds will be transferred instantly.

If you use e-wallets to make your deposits this should be no problem with most bookies however you should be aware that you will almost certainly be excluded from any new account promotions. The bookies do this to avoid bonus abuse.

How to compare odds with online bookmakers

When placing a bet on any selection you always want to be getting the best odds. This will give you the best chance of making long term profits from betting.

There are several odds comparison tools out there on the internet that can help you get the best odds possible on any bet that you have picked out yourself, including Oddschecker which is the best known and most used odds comparison service.

Whenever we put up a football betting tip or horse racing betting tip we always list the best odds available and also the bookmakers with the next best odds on that tip. This will help you get on the tip as quickly as possible and allow you to get the best odds available with the best online bookies for those football odds or horse racing odds.

Betting odds are always changing so to help you get the best odds with bookies we will also always try to keep you up to date with the odds changes on our tips to save you the time and hassle of having to use an odds comparison service.

How to beat the bookies

There are many way to beat the bookies – we hope you choose the simplest method which is to follow our tips.

Our football betting tips and horse racing betting tips are selected by the Bookie Basher Tips team that has over a decade of betting and tipping experience between them.

On top of that we also have contacts who offer paid tipping services. These contacts regularly give us some of their tips to use for free. They always make sure there is a fair gap between when they give their tips to their members and when they give us the tips to give to you. This is to ensure their members get first go at getting on at the best odds on the tips. There is still plenty of value by the time we are given them though, if there isn’t we won’t pass them on to our followers.

The key to making long term profits from horse racing betting and football betting is betting at value odds. This is a strategy that some will try and dismiss saying instead that it’s just about backing as many winners as possible. This is not true at all and here is an easy demonstration of why it isn’t true.

If you roll a dice the true odds of guessing the correct number are 5/1. If you bet £1 on a 5 being rolled at 5/1 you should (on average) win every 6 rolls, giving you a £6 return for your 6 x £1 stake. If you were to be offered better than 5/1 odds than in the long term you would make a profit, making those value odds. If you were to be offered less than 5/1 odds then over the long term you are more likely to make a loss which would make those odds poorer value.

The argument that backing lots of winners, whatever the odds, is the best strategy is a poor argument. Using the dice example again, if you were betting on any number from 1 to 5 to be rolled you would be backing lots of winners. However it is the odds you are getting that will determine whether or not you make profits over the long term. The true odds of rolling any number between 1 and 5 on any given roll are 1/5. If you are betting on this outcome at 1/7 you are still going to be backing lots of winning bets but you are going to make a loss in the long run.

Now applying this to horse racing betting or football betting is a bit more complicated. We don’t know the exact chance any particular outcome has of winning so value comes down to personal judgement. Fortunately the judgement of the Bookie Basher Tips team is very good!

Are UK online bookmakers the best to bet with?

If a bookmaker is licensed in the UK then they automatically become safer to bet with than any bookie that isn’t licensed in the UK. We strongly recommend betting only with UK bookmakers as they are regulated in a stricter fashion and if you encounter any problems or get into dispute with a UK bookmaker then your case is more likely to be dealt with fairly than if you were betting with a bookmaker that is not a UK licensee.

Who are the most recommended online bookies?

You can find all of our most highly recommended bookmakers that you can bet online with in the table above. Overall the best bookmakers to bet with are those with the highest average bookmaker rating from our in depth reviews.

Our favourite bookmaker overall is bet365. They offer the complete package and there are very few negatives when it comes to betting with bet365. They are excellent for both horse racing betting and football betting and come highly recommended.

Any bookmaker that has received a review score of 3 stars or above is pretty good to bet with. If a bookie has 4 stars or more then they are a brilliant bookie to bet with and are likely to meet all your needs.

Regulation & Licensing Of Online Bookmakers In The UK

Bookmakers that are licensed in the UK are protected by the UK Gambling Commission, as are the customers who place their bets with UK regulated bookies. There are strict measures in place to ensure bets are placed and accepted fairly and that punters get treated fairly by the bookies.

Bookmakers have been under a lot of scrutiny over the past couple of years regarding some unsavoury practices but many have cleaned up their act and betting with UK licensed bookmakers is becoming safer and safer all the time.

There are other authorities involved such as GamCare who provide support and advice to problem gamblers and also IBAS who deal with betting disputes between bookmakers and their customers.

Who are the most trustworthy online bookmakers in the UK?

It is also important to consider the fact that bookmakers can run into operating problems, or be sold off, and funds can be lost and unsettled bets can either be voided or even worse, written off. In 2018 Sunbets reported huge losses and they were closed down. Money in accounts was returned to customers but any outstanding bets had to be voided. In early 2019 BetBright was sold off to 888sport and again, account funds were returned to customers but many found their strong ante post positions were irrelevant with ante post bets being refunded to customers regardless of the current odds at the time and the likelihood of success from the bets.

Will I have to verify my account with UK bookmakers?

Most bookmakers will require customers to verify their accounts as some point. This may be early on when you make your first deposit with that bookie or it could be when you make your first big withdrawal.

Will I have to verify my account with UK bookmakers?

Most bookmakers will require customers to verify their accounts as some point. This may be early on when you make your first deposit with that bookie or it could be when you make your first big withdrawal.

The most trustworthy bookies that you can bet with online are those that have been around a very long time and are household names. Punters will still get in disputes with these bookmakers – sometimes the bookies are in the wrong and sometimes the punters are in the wrong. However these disputes tend to come around a lot less often with those bigger names than they do with some of the newer, smaller online bookmakers.

Verification with bookies usually consists of sending them pictures of a driver’s license or passport to prove identity and also a utility bill from the past 3 months to prove your address. Without verification bookmakers can freeze accounts, not allowing any bets to be placed or any deposits or withdrawals to be made. They are normally pretty swift with dealing with bookie account verification and it can often only take a few hours to sort out with them. In some cases it can take longer and they may request further documentation if anything that is sent it not clear.

Some bookies may say they require original copies of these documents. People do not usually want to post their passport or driver’s license and if any bookie does request these original documents rather than copies sent electronically it can usually be disputed. 

Which UK bookmakers offer the best odds?

Odds can vary from selection to selection and from sport to sport. Someone looking to back one horse racing bet may find one bookmaker offers the best horse racing odds and someone looking to back another horse may find better odds elsewhere.

If betting on horse racing overnight then it usually pays to have an account with Paddy Power and Betfair. They will often go overly short on a favourite and can take some chances with their pricing up of horses at bigger odds.

All of the football and horse racing tips on this website come with recommended odds and bookies and you will soon see which bookies you are using most often when you start following the bets we put up.